Welcome, fellow dog enthusiasts. I am Jason Lake, a seasoned professional dog trainer with a wealth of experience exceeding 25 years. Alongside operating a successful brick-and-mortar dog training business, I proudly serve as the Training Director for both The Rogue Valley Schutzhund Club and Cultured K9 4H Club. Throughout my career, I've witnessed clients grappling with the challenge of finding the perfect training food conducive to effective learning. Most store-bought treats pose challenges, being either excessively chewy or prone to crumbling when cut to size. Despite dogs enjoying hot dogs, their high sodium and nitrate content raises concerns for both canine and human health. Clients often resort to buying meat to create homemade treats, a process involving purchasing, cutting, and ensuring the treats don't expire prematurely. Over the years, I've innovated various products, ranging from dog collars to interactive toys. This led me to ponder the creation of the ultimate dog training treat, resulting in the inception of Obedibites – an easily crafted dog treat that is not only soft and malleable but also adored by most dogs.